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by Sebastian Gonzalez Dixon

viLand: The viBots Factory
{ Immersive Experience }

Omotio’s Project

Immersive environment – Interactive Marketing – Theme park

viLand 2.0 (2013)

viLand recreates a factory of the future in which every visitor is an engineer and must create a viBot. A viBots is a virtual robot that arises at the time the user is part of the experience through a Facebook application. Each participant gets with this one genCode, which is a card with a printed code. In genCode the participant may be identified along the experience. viBot newborn must grow and adopt characteristics of its creator. For this, the participant must complete five interactive stations, which represents a laboratory of the factory, known as viLabs. The viLabs include experiences of Video Mapping, Multitoch Table, Motion Capture, Biometrics, Teleprecence and control over a Humanoid robot.

For viLand I developed a fabulous narrative imaginary, that conducts the creative process.

viLand 1.0 (2012)


The 5-viLabs laboratories, created to complete the experience, were designed for participants to interact through their body. To this end, last generation sensors were used for 3D recognition of human bodies, particularly the XBox Kinect sensor.

All interactive systems were interconnected via a network. Participant data was stored in a database.

At the end of the activity the participant has made its viBot grow and can leave the factory. In this way each visitor can see his/her own viBot creation in Facebook and share the activity with his/her contacts.

viLand was a production of Omotio for the Xavierian Universidad  at Bogotá.


Technical Art Director / UX and I+D Designer / Developer + Coder


OpenFrameworks – C++ / Kinect / Flash – ActionScript / Mapping / Reactivision / Telepresence


Xavierian University Bogota

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