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by Sebastian Gonzalez Dixon

Virtual Puppets Theater
{ Story Telling Interactive }

Omotio’s Project

Interactive Games – Body Interaction – Pedagogical activity

In 2013 it was created within the framework of the 26th International Book Fair of Bogota, interactive experience, “You come with a story and you go with another.”

An interactive experience created for Colsubsidio (Social Security Company at Colombia) for their participation in the youth pavilion. This 9 digital characters and 9 scenes served as a tool for users to create 1205 stories, linked to 625 twitter profiles.

With less than 15 days of development, a unique experience was developed in which participants created stories from characters of famous stories, including Peter Pan, Sherlock Holmes, Dracula, Little Red Hud and more. By giving a title to the Story and Acting, 2 youths tell a story to their partners. The system took a picture of them acting, that was uploaded to a web page and shared through Twitter automatically.

This interactive was done with the Microsoft Kinect technology, which detect the body movement of the person who interacted and through it control the movement of a puppet.

 Omotio’s team:

Sebastian Gonzalez Dixon: Director, UX Design (Partner)
Carlos Adrian Serna: Hardware and Software Development (Partner)
Anderson Arebalo: Industrial Design, Project Manager
Jose Urbina: Graphic Design
Fabian Jimenez: Production
Andres Caro: Administrative (Partner)
Luz Mary Bernal: Director’s Assistent, Administrative


Technical Art Director / UX and I+D Designer / Developer


OpenFrameworks – C++ / Kinect / Web + Twitter API



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