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by Sebastian Gonzalez Dixon

Nissan at the Car Exposhow
{ Interactive Experiences }

Omotio’s Project

Digital Marketing – Interactive Games – Projection Mapping

Under the auto show, Omotio with Nissan developed an interactive game where young people could play and learn through an activity with their bodies. In addition, a touch screen system where the people, after answering some questions, entered their info into our data base and participate for a car, was developed.

 Omotio’s team:

Sebastian Gonzalez Dixon: Director, UX Design, Kinect Development, Flash Multimedia (Partner)
Carlos Adrian Serna: Kinect Development (Partner)
Andres Caro: Project Manager, Hardware Development (Partner)
Jose Urbina: Graphic Design
Fabian Jimenez: Production


Technical Art Director / UX Designer / Developer


OpenFrameworks – C++ / Kinect / Flash – ActionScript / Mapping



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