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Omotio is like my biggest son. With Omotio I have done the largest and more demanding projects of my carrier. Since 2010 I make a partnership with Carlos Adrian Serna and Andres Caro looking to offer interactive experiences as marketing services. And it was a real challenge.
With clients as the Colombia Government, the National Museum, the Children Museum, and big brands as Nissan, Sony, Dell, Pacific Oil and Gas, among other companies and organizations in Colombia there have been almost 7 years of adventures.

 Omotio’s team:

Sebastian Gonzalez Dixon: CEO, Director, UX Designer, Software Developer, Video Productor (Partner)
Carlos Adrian Serna: UX Designer, Hardware and Software Developer (Partner)
Anderson Arebalo: Industrial Designer, UX Designer
Jose Urbina: Senior Graphic Designer and Animator
Fabian Jimenez: Production
Andres Caro: Administrative (Former Partner)
Luz Mary Bernal: Director’s Assistent, Administrative
Yurei Cano: Marketing, Sales
Maria Isabel Berdugo: Accounting Officer

 Omotio’s Animation, Motion Graphics and Design team:

Ricardo Solano
Eder Martinez
Camilo Rincon
Bilma Cordoba
Paola Garzon
Manuel Baron
Michael Cortez
Ivan David Galindo
Camilo Torres

Omotio’s Outsource team:

Andres Hernandez: Animation / Motion Graphics / Graphic Design
Luis Felipe Becerra: Software Engineer
Andres Hernandez: Animation / Motion Graphics / Graphic Design
Gustavo Adolfo Fuentes: Animation / Game Development
Wilson Puerto: Animation / Motion Graphics / Graphic Design
3Dfonik: Sound for AV, Locution, Sound Effects for Apps and games, 3D sound

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Technical Art Director / CEO /Developer / Partner


Electronic Arts / Interactive Installation / Digital Marketing / Experience Design


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