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by Sebastian Gonzalez Dixon

Big Data Wall
{ Interactive Kiosk }

Omotio’s Project

Projection Mapping – Touch Interface – Corporate

For the 2018 Energy Market Congress at Cartagena Colombia, Setian was contracted to develop an interactive Data Visualization System for XM – the energy market regulator of Colombia.

The experience was developed to work on a printed wall with vector graphics that represents the production process of the energy generation, from the source to the consumer. The user was able to navigate inside a data base with all the information from the energy companies in Colombia.

As the user navigates the interface, the environment

that was drawn in the wall starts to transform, the clouds start to rain, the water start to flow and thus the energy reach the city that start to glow.

For the mapping system it was developed a custom software that allow us to manipulate the video projection over the complexity of printed wall.In front of the map the user finds a pedestal with a touch interface. The interface allows the visitor to write any of the different companies that are part of the colombian energy market.

 Setian’s team:

Sebastian Gonzalez Dixon: Director, UX Designer, Video Producer, Mapping Software Development (Partner)
Camila Concha: Client management


Technical Art Director / I+D and UX Designer / Developer


OpenFrameworks / Processing / Motion Graphics / UX + ID

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