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by Sebastian Gonzalez Dixon

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Performance – Music – Visuals

by Natalia Espinel

Anclajes is an interdisciplinary project created by Colombian artist Natalia Espinel. The project expands the creation from visual and performing arts through objects, video, sound and original music. It was co-created by Natalia Espinel, Renata Serna Hosie, Andres Zuluaga and Sebastian Gonzalez Dixon.

In Natalia’s Words:

The project includes a theater performance at the Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo Theater in Bogotá, Colombia. The performance is part of the project Anclajes and is an interdisciplinary work that explores the relationship between human beings and their environment. The performance includes elements such as video projections, soundscapes, and original music.

Feel the weight of your body anchored to the center of the Earth by the force of gravity. Perceive the support of the chair against your back and the floor beneath your feet. Your head weighs more than five kilos; feel the effort of holding it upright. We sustain ourselves thanks to a network of forces and counterforces, of anchors that both root us and give us possibilities for expansion and freedom.

‘Anchors’ allows for a knowledge of the body that is not dictated or fixed, but rather intensely experienced. Exploration prevails from a sensorially curious body that moves us away from a position of control, allowing us to connect with the intuitive, the unconscious, and the undefined. On stage, between two women, resonant affections move in the form of complicity, games, whispers, mirrored movements, and gazes. The bodies of the performers go through healing processes that subvert the idea of virtuosity and spectacle. From their intimate realities and their bodily limitations, they create the somatic dramaturgy of the work. A dramaturgy that is filled with the vibrant present of their corporalities and desires.

This stage production arises from the creation of a series of textile sculptures designed to be worn and stimulate bodily movement. These textile sculptures or malleable bodies can take the form of organs, limbs, weights, anchors, rags, bones, and strange animals. ‘Anchors’ is an exploration of what weighs us down and at the same time propels us towards openness. It exposes the personal room as a refuge and den, as a grounding point, while also being a restricted space where loneliness weighs heavily.

‘Anchors’ is an interdisciplinary project that expands creation from the visual and performing arts through objects, video, sound, and original music. All these elements together reveal themselves as a life impulse; the opening to more resilient and supportive worlds.

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Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo, Bogotá, September 6, 2022.

 Stage design:

 The team:

Natalia Espinel: Original idea, General Director and performer
Renata Serna Hosie: Corpographies direction and performer
Andrés Zuluaga: Music Composer and piano performance
Sebastian Gonzalez Dixon: Technical producer, Audiovisual design, sound design.

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