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by Sebastian Gonzalez Dixon

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“Páramos, el país de las nieblas” is a documentary film and transmedia platform that explores the beauty, importance, and threats facing páramos, a type of high-altitude ecosystem found in Colombia. The film and platform were created by Animafauna, Señal Colombia and Fotosíntesis Colombia SAS, and they were released in December 2022. Setian was encharged of the concept, design and development of the Transmedia Platform

The 70 minutes film tells the story of páramos through the eyes of Colombians who live in and around these ecosystems. It explores the ways in which páramos provide water, food, and livelihoods for Colombians, and it also examines the threats facing páramos, such as mining, deforestation, and climate change.

The transmedia platform provides users with a variety of ways to learn more about páramos. It includes interactive maps, audio recordings of interviews with experts, a blog, and a forum. The platform is designed to engage users in a deeper exploration of the film’s themes and to inspire them to take action to protect páramos.

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The Páramos, el país de las nieblas project is an important contribution to the conversation about páramos in Colombia. It raises awareness of the threats facing páramos and inspires people to take action to protect them. The film and platform are a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about páramos and the importance of conserving these ecosystems.

Watch the full documentary at RTVC Play

 Project’s team:

Sebastian Gonzalez Dixon: UX Designer, 3D Web Developer, Frontend developer, Visual Artist.

Alejandro Calderón and Kalú Rincón: Original Concept and Director.

Alejandro Calderón: Music and Sound Design.


Technical Director / UX Designer / 3D Web Developer / Frontend developer / Project manager


Babylon JS / TypeScript / Web Dev / 3D Coding / UX + ID


Señal Colombia

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