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by Sebastian Gonzalez Dixon

{ Body and Sound Installation }

Art Work

Openformance – Body Motion Tracking – Sound Machine

Interactive sound, graphics and performative installation, made in Barcelona with Javier Chavarri.

In WeAreWaves, the interaction between the system and the user is immediate and intuitive. Once immersed in the space, the screen displays a curvilinear pattern that undulates within its digital container. This wave is accompanied by sound, filling the space and enhancing the visual experience. When the space is empty, the wave comes to rest, leading to silence. This silence invites the participant to realize that their presence is the driving force of the synthesizer, sparking their exploration.

Fascinated by the interplay of image and sound, participants recognize their silhouette within the wave’s image. The fluid sound visualizes rapidly, acting as a digital mirror. This reflection reveals that the participant’s body creates both sound and movement, defining the timbre, character, and flow.

 How it works.

WeAreWaves is an interactive installation inviting participants to explore sound qualities through the movement and shapes of their bodies. In essence, it offers a space to experience timbre—a rich, complex sound quality—using the most familiar interface: the human body.

The idea originated from a curiosity to investigate the unique and intricate characteristics of sound timbre, coupled with a desire to explore how body movement can stimulate creativity. This interactive experience aims to introduce participants to the nuances of sound through their own movements and body shapes. In WeAreWaves, every change in our figure produces a corresponding change in the sound’s waveform. This allows us to discover new aspects of timbre while deepening our understanding of our bodies. In WeAreWaves, you become the sound.


Sonar y Sonar Kids 09

Festival de música avanzada y artes multimedia de Barcelona
Locacion: Centro de Cultura Contemporanea de Barcelona
Fecha: Junio 18 a 21 de 2009

Experimenta 2009.

Festival Multimedia    Locacion Punt Multimedia Barcelona,   Fecha. Octubre 17 de 2009

Flussi: Digital Transitions

Locación:  Teatro municipal Avelino (Napoles, Italia)    Agosto 27, 28 y 29 de 2009

Tramuntana Festival 09

Locación: Museo, Cadaques (Costa Brava, España) Fecha: Julio 16 a 24 de 2009


Jornada de Actividades y muestra Multimedia.
Locación: Centro Cívico Golferichs, Barcelona,   Fecha: Mayo 8 y 9 de 2009


Oficial Site

 I want to give special thanks to:

Javier Chavarri: Co-Author

Sergi Jorda: Adviser

Carles Sora: Co-Adviser

by Sebastián Gonzalez / Javier Chávarri 2009

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