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by Sebastian Gonzalez Dixon

Mining World
{ Theme Park at Children Museum }

Omotio’s Project

Theme Park – Immersive experience – Museum installation

This is one of the greatest projects that I have developed. This interactive and immersive experience commissioned by the Children Museum a recognised “Theme Park” in Bogota and the Colombian National Energy and Mining Ministry, consists on 5 interconnected activities that teaches to children of all ages how does the Mining Industry in Colombia works.

The first activity is a video projection mapping over a 1.5 square meters Colombia’s map. Children must navigate the map from 4 interactive workstations that have 1 joystick and two buttons. When they navigate the map, dynamic information is visualised on a 70 inch screen, to learn where in the country are located the different mineral. The second activity is a virtual miner, that emerge from his cave. This miner is produced on a holographic display. Here the children learn the security equipment they need to enter into a under earth mine. The third activity is to go inside the cave of an under earth mine. Inside the cave the children must use industrial tools, to take some rocks of emerald, gold or carbon from the mine.

Later in the fourth activity the children come out and arrives to a sky-open mine. Here they watch the creation of this kind of mine, while a video projection opens the floor with 3d animations. Lastly, in the fifth activity, the children ends at a scientific laboratory. There they have to analyse all the minerals that they have found out in the travel. When they put the rocks inside the analyser, a huge display shows them what kind of mineral is and what are its uses.

Additionally, a custom dome, that can be easily transported, was designed to hold these same activities and took all the experience in a tour around the country.

For this immersive experience we had to design all the architecture, decoration and furniture that holds the activities. Each activity was developed under a different technique, with a particular coding language or audiovisual production. Several animations, graphic designs, illustrations, soundscapes and recordings were made to accomplish our goal. More than 20 people were under my direction in this project.

 Omotio’s team:

Sebastian Gonzalez Dixon: Director, UX Design, Software Development, Video Production (Partner)
Carlos Adrian Serna: UX Design, Hardware and Software Development (Partner)
Anderson Arebalo: Industrial Design, UX Design
Jose Urbina: Graphic Design
Fabian Jimenez: Production
Andres Caro: Administrative
Luz Mary Bernal: Director’s Assistent, Administrative


Technical Art Director / I+D and UX Designer / Developer


Openframeworks C++ / Holographic display / Projection Mapping / Physical interaction / Computer Vision / Apps / Games


Bogota’s Children Museum and Colombia Energy and Mining Ministry

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