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by Sebastian Gonzalez Dixon

Sounding Score
{ Musical interactive installation }
by Alba Fernanda Triana

SetianWorks’s Project

Commissioned development – NoTouch Interactive Table – Art installation

Sounding Score is an musical interactive installation by Alba Fernanda Triana. In this piece I developed the interactive interface. This interface is an interactive book that holds the graphical representation of the sounding score.

The interface consists in a Flash AS3 simulation of a 3D book, a graphical user interface and an OSC connection with Max/MSP. It was designed to work with a multitouch screen.

The graphical representation of sound are circles. Timber is represented by textures and animations of the circles. The colours represent the musical note. Left and right displacement represents panning.

The book has 5 musical pages. Each page has their buttons. This buttons activates new melodies and algorithmic patterns. The user is able to wander around the book. The result is a Adobe Air Standalone App for a Mac desktop computer.


More details at Alba Fernanda Triana Oficial Web Site


Interface Developer / Coder


Flash + ActionScript 3.0 / Adobe Air / OSC communication with MaxMSP


Alba Fernanda Triana

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