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by Sebastian Gonzalez Dixon

Land as Resource
{ Interactive map – Museum Installation }

Omotio’s Project

Projection Mapping – Touch Interface – Pedagogy

As part of the renovation strategy of the National Museum of Colombia, I was commissioned to make a piece for the new Room 13. The main topic of this room is Land as Resource. For this a 3D printed map of Colombia was designed to place a video projection over it, matching every region, coast and mountain of the country with the natural resources and the mineral reservoirs. In a touch screen the visitors have the possibility to search different aspects of the Colombian national parks and social communities and compare them with the petroleum extraction, legal mining and illegal mining.

For the mapping system it was developed a custom software that allow us to manipulate the video projection over the complexity of the Colombian geography. Also it has two additional areas that are used to put additional information in the wall at the sides of the map. In front of the map the user finds a pedestal with a touch screen. The interface allows the visitor to pick any of the different contents that was made for the piece.
Project director: Ana Gabriela Jimenez

 Omotio’s team:

Sebastian Gonzalez Dixon: Director, UX Designer, Video Producer (Partner)
Carlos Adrian Serna: UX Designer, Mapping Software Development (Partner)
Andres Hernandez: Motion Graphics
Luz Mary Bernal: Director’s Assistent, Administrative


Technical Art Director / I+D and UX Designer / Developer


OpenFrameworks / Processing / Motion Graphics / UX + ID

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