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by Sebastian Gonzalez Dixon

{ Theme park Installation }

Omotio’s Project

Objects, Games and Stories – Museum installation

This project was contracted by The Children Museum of Bogota to Omotio under my direction. I designed and developed the idea of the interactive installation contained inside an old train car. The main topic of the experience was the energetic resources, how electricity is produced, an how to give it to homes and industries. There were three activities. The place was arranged for 20 people. Thee first one was a virtual hotbed where the participants should plant walnut trees by introducing walnut seed into the hotbed holes.

They could see how the walnut trees grow in the screen and bring water to the ecosystem, what is how hydric energy is posible. The second activity was a trip in the train to the space. The train transforms into a rocket and from the space shows the participants how the electricity travels from the station to the houses and factories. The last activity was to compete in four groups of five people in the building of a puzzle. The system detects automatically which group is the first to complete the puzzle.

 Omotio’s team:

Sebastian Gonzalez Dixon: Director, Experience Design, Software Development (Partner)
Carlos Adrian Serna: Hardware Development (Partner)
Anderson Arebalo: Industrial Design, Project Manager
Luis Felipe Becerra: Software Development
Jose Urbina: Graphic Design
Fabian Jimenez: Production
Luz Mary Bernal: Director’s Assistent, Administrative


Technical Art Director / I+D and UX Designer / Developer


Games / Pedagogy / Experience

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