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by Sebastian Gonzalez Dixon

DomeLab for Hybris
{ Icosphere Mapping Software }

Setian’s Project

Performance – Visuals – Touchdesigner

for Hybris

  About DomeLab Software

For this installative performance I was commissioned to develop a custom software to generate, live, the 3d textures and the behaviors of a icospherical dome. De development was made in TouchDesigner, that allows the live visuals to be responsive, not only to de sound but to the movement of the performer.
The software has a visual interface and a MiDi controlled interface. That allows me to change all the visual aspects of the dome, as well as give the dome multiple personalities that change according to the inputs of different sensors.

  About Hybris

(Text by Carmen Gil Vrolijk)

Fiction, Curiosity Cabinet and fragment of our present and future: “Hybris” is an installative performance project inspired by the “Grolar Paradox” – the pairing of grizzly and polar bears discovered a few years ago. The word “hybrid” in Latin means “bastard” or “hybrid” and comes originally from ancient Greek. It described the presumptuous disregard for the privacy of others, coupled with the inability to control one’s own impulses. Hybris was madness as a punishment of God.
“Hybris” is also a metaphor for human influence on the world: although there have always been changes and hybridizations in nature, in our time, the “Anthropocene,” man-made mutations and metamorphoses have increased in speed and created new landscapes and living beings.


La Quinta del Lobo, founded in 2010 in Bogotá, Colombia, is an interdisciplinary group that explores the links between new media, sound and music with the performing arts and is supported by the Universidad de los Andes. For their projects they work together with different artists and artistic practices.

Pictures by Sebastian Gonzalez Dixon

Raw Video Files

Reference videos of the installation at Radial System Berlin



Plataforma Berlin, Dance Festival @ Radial System, Berlin, Germany, July 2019.

Andes University Bogota @ Bogota, Colombia, March 2020.

Lia Gallery Bogotá @ Bogota, Colombia, March 2020.



 Hybris Direction – carmen Gil Vrolijk

 Hybris Team:

Audiovisual Director and Original Idea: Carmen Gil Vrolijk
Music, sound design and live music: Camilo Giraldo Angel
Data, coding, programming, projection mapping: Sebastián González Dixon
Costumes: Federico Polucci, Don Elvis
Choreography and performance: Martha Hincapié Charry, Juanita Delgado

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