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by Sebastian Gonzalez Dixon

{ Catalogue interface – 3D Gesture Tracking }

Cuatic’s Project

Commissioned development – NoTouch Interactive Table – Art installation

For this project I was contracted to develop and built a 3D hand position sensor. This was a original version of what we know today as Deep Sensor, as Kinect or Leap Motion, but made few years before them. For it I implemented an 8×8 matrix of infrared distance sensors. Each sensor’s data was received and analyzed in Max/MSP to build a 3D lowRes image of the hand over the sensor. In this way the system was able to detect the distance from the flat sensor to the hand (Z position), but also it can detects its X/Y position. Because of this new way of interaction, different to the touch screens that had emerged by that days, we name this device the
No-Touch, thinking that the user should not need to touch anything in order to navigate the catalogue.
This was thought to be a necessity in the context of the bathroom appliances that make the user to have the hands wet. This information was used to control a virtual catalogue, with the products of the Roca Showroom at Barcelona. Roca is the main company of vitreous china bathroom appliances in Europe and one of the larges in the world. For this showroom Roca was granted with the prestigious golden lion at the Cannes festival in the design category in 2010.



Interface Developer / Coder


Infrared motion sensor / Flash + ActionScript / MaxMSP


Roca ShowRoom Barcelona.
Agency, Cuatic I.X.

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