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by Sebastian Gonzalez Dixon

Feria del Millón
{ Virtual Art Gallery }

Setian’s Project

Web Based – 3D Website – Immersive

In the context of the 2020 world wide pandemic, the “La Feria del Millón” (The Millón Fair) Bogotá based art fair, invite me to bring the fair to the public as a virtual, immersive and web based ecosystem that would reproduce the fair’s spaces as they where real and live, through the power of 3D technologies. To achieve this goal I invited Carlos Adrian Serna, to be part of the project as backend development director and 3D advisor.

With more about 80 artists, 12 spaces and more than 1000 art pieces on sale, the fair 

“Without losing the habit, the fair was in an ideal location, much named, but that few know: The Bronx, Creative District of Bogotá. Just as the fair was held in previous years at the Creative Texture Center, in the industrial zone; and in the San Juan de Dios Hospital, in the center; now the turn is for the Bronx at Bogotá Colombia. For those who visited it at and got to know what will be one of the most important cultural centers in the country. The Millón Fair maintains its philosophy of democratizing art: on the one hand, it continues to be the platform to make emerging artists visible; and on the other hand, the opportunity for all audiences to be encouraged to buy art at affordable prices. The fair has the peculiarity that all the works cost around one million Colombian pesos”


 Project’s team:

Sebastian Gonzalez Dixon: Project Director, UX Designer, 3D Web Developer, Frontend developer, Project manager.

Carlos Adrian Serna: Backend developer, 3D development advisor.

Hernan Ospina: Video edition.

Hans Knudsen: Frontend Developer.

Miguel Angel Melgarejo: 3D models designer, architect.

Cristian Rincon: 3D models designer, architect.

Juan Ricardo Rincon: Feria del Millon’s Chief Director. Client.


Project Director / UX Designer / 3D Web Developer / Frontend developer / Project manager


Babylon JS / TypeScript / 3D Coding / UX + ID


Feria del Millón

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