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As anElectronic Engineering in the year 2000, I started a deep research in technology, arts, and science. I have been strongly interested in the analysis of signal waves, especially in their interaction between human perception and electronic devices. My goal is to develop technology for the senses. Also, since those early days of the XXI century I was member of the university's theatre and dance groups, and had an indie digital-rock band.

In 2006 I created SetianWorks as my personal brand to work professionally in these diverse interests. This took me to Barcelona in 2008 to get my Masters Degree in Digital Arts. I developed my art work, mainly as interactive installations where the public or a trained performer could create realtime soundscapes and visualscapes using their body movement. My art works were presented in several events such as Sonar Fest and The Museums' Night, at Barcelona, and many others.

This artistic production endorsed me in 2010 to start Omotio, a digital arts company, to work as Developer, Technical Art Director, and CEO. With Omotio I started the production of a wide range of commercial and educational interactive experiences. I have worked with technologies as Computer Vision, AI, Arduino, Kinect,, Multitouch Sensors, Cameras, MIDI, OSC, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Mobile Apps, Web and more.

Beside this I share my knowledge in the academia as teacher at different Universities from Colombia. I aimed at groups of students with creative goals, promoting an interdisciplinary approach between Art and Technology.

I have been using my skills to create new communication strategies. In this portfolio I showcase some of my experience in digital arts, engineering, design, sound creation, video production, animation, code development, and project management, in order to produce commercial campaigns and cultural spaces, in all kind of projects.

Please explore my work at the portfolio's home.